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Written by: Date: Februar 6, 2014 ⋅ Category: Bild / Brasilien / Reportagen / Top 11

Minhocão: A giant mythical earthworm in São Paulo

On weekends and nights the street „Minhocão“ in the center of São Paulo turns from a city-highway to a bizarre leisure area. Text and Images: Alois Gstöttner — São Paulo, 2011–2013

As a second layer, around six meters above the ground, the street sidles trough the concrete-jungle of the town. So its name „Minhocão“ really is making sense; it’s refering to a giant mythical earthworm, which is living in the forests of Brazil. Since 2007 advertisement in São Paulo is prohibited by law. The process is witnessed silently by the naked and clean walls which are surrounding that particular street in the biggest city of South America.